New Sponsor Announcement!

JHE is very excited to announce our new partnership with Seminole Feed! All the horses in our program are on this grain and the results can't be denied. Happy, healthy, shiny, fit ponys!! Jodi is very grateful for the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for Seminole. 

"I found Seminole Feed when I was looking for a solution to my picky, sensitive 3 star horse's weight issues. Since "In Style" has been on Seminole Wellness Show & Sport, his appetite has increased dramatically. His weight has balanced for the first time at this level and his body/coat look fantastic. I now feed all the horses in my program from beginner novice to advanced Seminole Feeds and they all look and act like healthy, happy horses! I couldn't be happier with Seminole products!" - Jodi Hemry 

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