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What a wonderful day for Jodi Hemry Eventing at the Combined Training Event at Full Gallop!!!! Both students had great rides! Lynsey and Loper finished 2nd on their dressage score of 29.0 in the Novice Division and Pam and Little Doc finished 4th and had their best ride EVER in the stadium and finished in their dressage score of 35!!!!! CONGRATS TO BOTH STUDENTS for having such a stellar show and with freezing cold wind!

Lynsey and Loper finishing on their personal best Dressage score of 29.0!

Boarders and Students: Ashley and Chilli winning their division with team UGA

Past sales horse and student Susanna Hearn and Cassie going XC!

Pam and Little Doc finishing their personal best CT event!

 Past Sales Horse Philena and new owner!

Horses for sale!

Lots of updates! Philena, Praeline and Kissy have been sold!

We now have 5 listed for sale and know many more!  Visit our sales page at for more information on these incredible horses!

Fortune - dressage horse for sale

Isbond - experienced eventer

Lilly horse for sale!

Congrats to Samuel Larsh &  Amy H. Boyle Larsh for their beautiful and new foundation as a married couple!!!! Amy and Sam are a huge part of the JHE team and we couldn't do without them! Congrats to a long and happy life together!

SUPER QUIET 8 y.o. Haflinger Cross Paint Mare

SUPER QUIET 8 y.o. Haflinger Cross Paint Mare


Jodi Hemry Eventing had a spectacular run at the CIC2 star event at the Fork in March! Jodi and In Style received their qualifier for Jersey Fresh!!!! In Style was fully charged and ready for more. With a first with Charles Harbor at Full Gallop and a 2nd with In Style at the Intermediate Southern Pines, bring on the Jersey! Good luck to all riders competing this coming weekend at Fair Hill!

THIS is something that Jodi and Style jumped at the 2 star level!!!

Jodi & In Style at Southern Pines, 2nd Place! Thanks to Jessica Bortner-Harris for this video!

Our very own Jodi Hemry winning in the Preliminary Devision this weekend at Full Gallop Horse Trials was interviewed for the Aiken Standard this weekend! Click here to read the article!

Hemry and Charles Harbor navigate their way to victory

Posted: Sunday, March 10, 2013 11:09 p.m.

Aiken’s Jodi Hemry has had Charles Harbor since he was 7-years-old. The rider and off the track Thoroughbred, who is now 12, placed first this weekend at the Full Gallop Farm Horse Trials in the preliminary-b division. The rider/horse combination found themselves in first place after the stadium jumping phase on Saturday, and would hold on to win the division after Sunday’s cross country phase.
“Charles was really good this weekend,” said Hemry, whose Jodi Hemry Eventing is based at Pine Ridge Stables. “I was very pleased with his dressage test, he was super nice and relaxed, and put in an outstanding effort. He’s a good boy and tries really hard. He’s a pretty good mover for a Thoroughbred.”
The gelding was as equally impressive during the stadium jumping phase.
“I could have given him a little bit of a better ride, but he was quite good and very careful,” said Hemry. “He’s a good jumper. He’s done a couple of one-stars. I’ll either do another one-star with him this spring or move him up to intermediate.”
Hemry’s upper level horse is In Style. The Quarter Horse moved up to intermediate at the Pine Top Farm Horse Trials Feb. 22-24, and will go next to Southern Pines.
“If all goes well, our goal for him is to do the two-star at Jersey Fresh,” said Hemry. “He struggles quite a bit in the dressage. But, he’s super brave cross country.”
The professional trains with Olympic Silver medalist and 4-time Rolex Kentucky winner Kim Severson to improve her dressage scores.
“I’ve been working with Kim, not as much as I’d like to, but a little bit,” said Hemry. “Kim is awesome. The minute I ride with her, she can pick out exactly what I’m doing wrong, and what I need to do to fix it, whether the horse is going to the left or if the horse is going to the right, or whether the horse is too low.”
It’s Severson’s insight and coaching that helped to make a significant difference in Hemry’s dressage score this past weekend.
“She’s always picking on my position and how much that affects the horses,” said Hemry. “She addresses problems immediately. In fact, I took a lesson from her last week, and I took eight points off of my dressage score.”
The horseman has been working with Gagne International Stable’s J.F. Gagne to improve her show jumping, and has seen a positive difference in her horses’ level of confidence.
“He’s done wonders,” said Hemry. “Both of my horses are jumping really well in the stadium. They’re both really careful and have been jumping clean.”

Read more: Hemry and Charles Harbor navigate their way to victory | Aiken Standard
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Congratulations to our very own
Jodi Hemry 
for placing ...


at Full Gallop Farm's Preliminary Devision on

Charles Harbor! 

It was a great weekend. Jodi said to thank everyone who has helped her to get this far! 
Especially JF Gagne International for their stellar stadium training.

Pam and Little Doc were announced as the 

Great Weekend at Pine Top

Pine Top HT:
  Jodi Hemry Eventing had a great show.  
Charles was very good in the dressage and show jumped clean!!  
We jumped clean xc but had a few speed faults.  
Very happy with the overall performance of my horse.

Green Bean meets the Strini's BIG Green Bean! 

I would like to give a big thanks to Amy Boyle and all her help this weekend!!  
Thank you so much!!

Also, Plain Dealing would like to thank Lynsey Steinberg for all her help last weekend!!  
She is a great groom!

Scroll below to see videos of Jodi and Charles running in the Training Devision! 

Great Weekend At Sporting Days Farm

We had a great weekend at Sporting Days Farm in Aiken at our first eventing show of the winter season! JHE finished in both 3rd and 4th place in the Training and Preliminary levels. 

Jodi's 3rd place ribbon was double clean to finish on her dressage score of 27!!! Thank you to all the volunteers at the show and to Sporting Days for hosting the event.

Congrats to student Susanna and horse Cassie for completing 
in their devision at Sporting Days! 


Cassie and Susanna 
to Aiken for Winter Training!!!

We wanted to extend our warm welcome and best wishes in having Cassie back with her new owner for the Aiken season.


Sold! Yemen to Jordan Grossman! Congrats on this fabulous mare!

Yemen's Best recently sold