Olympic Update on Nina!

We are proud of Nina Ligon, fellow Kim Severson student for making her way through her first Olympics this summer in London aboard Butts Leon. 
Butts and Nina finished their XC round this morning with a clear jump and 16 time pen. 

Fans in the crowd cheering for Team Thailand 

Nina and Butts dropping off the down bank, fence 20a giving many other riders a problem today.

Nina sitting in 37th with her spectacular dressage round

Nina also put in the best dressage round we have seen yet! CONGRATS TO HER
Good Luck tomorrow Nina & Team Thailand in show jumping!

Olympic Schedule Aiken, SC

Here is the NBC times and dates for the Olympic showtimes on NBC.

Also congrats to Jackie and her new owners! We hope you have a lovely time together with your new equine partner!

Olympic Update

10 Things you might not have known about Equestrian Team USA in 2012:

1. Rafalca and Twizzel are by the same sire, Hanoverian stallion Argentinus. Twizzel is out of an Australian Thoroughbred mare, hence is nicknamed ‘Ossi’.
2. Mr. Medicott and Flexible are by the same sire, Irish Sport Horse Cruising. Both are bright chestnuts with big blazes but there is more than a hand different in their height.
3. There are only TWO grey horses: Ringwood Magister and Antares F who is nearly white.
4. Mystery Whisper was produced to the CCI4* level in Australia by Heath Ryan. Dutton won Olympic Team Gold in 1996 with Heath’s brother Matt.
5. Ravel has his own wine, made from grapes grown in his owners’ vineyard.
6. Neither Cylana nor Kessler had shown above 1.45m, when Kessler got the mare last year, but they have made the move to prime time with ease.
7. Beezie Madden and McLain Ward were in the same jump-off for Individual Bronze at the 2008 Olympics, they found a shortcut on course through the decorations that proved to be the winning route for Madden. Ward had the very last fence down.
8. Madden is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan.
9. Tina Konyot’s family was in the circus, her father was a renowned horse trainer, and her mother was known as “Queen of the High Wire.”
10. Coral Reef Via Volo is the smallest horse on the team at 15.2 hands, while Ravel is the biggest at over 17 hands.

- From Sideline News: http://sidelinesnews.com/blogs/olympicsidelines/

Olympic Medal Predictions? 

Odd link of the week: Horse Cloning 

Being Hammy In A PDutty Boyd Ham Sandwich

Some thoughts from P.R. Lynsey Steinberg as we are moved into our new facility!

Being Hammy In A PDutty Boyd Ham Sandwich

Make sense? Course not. That's because since I moved to Augusta, Georgia on the border of Aiken, SC... I have found myself little smack dab in the middle of the eventing world. My horse stays and trains with the incredibly fierce Jodi Hemry in Aiken, South Carolina. Jodi is the person who you think when you speak with her on the phone that she is 6 feet tall and really robust (if you know her you understand why this is so funny). Our neighbors? Phillip Dutton's winter facility and Boyd right behind. What more could a girl ask for? Like I said, I'm in the middle of a Phillip and Boyd sandwich feeling quite hammy. My horse however, doesn't seem to understand the great importance of being ham. Being the ham next door to two USA Olympians, not to mention Jodi's close ties working for Kim Severson. Insert hyperventilating now, too much eventing goodness, must reboot. No my little sports car would rather eat, roll, roll in the sand, roll in the dirt, roll in mud and then get to work. Although after walking the xc course with Jodi last year in the upper levels... I mistook a cross country fence for a patio deck for jump judges to sit on an watch. Gulp, I suddenly liked my little novice fences a whole lot more. I am surrounded by all these amazing people and want the world to know how amazing they really are. They are the Gryffindors of HP. I wonder what then is Volderm...uh he would should not be named is. Maybe crappy footing. 

Insert sarcasm here, my favorite question from non-horsey folk "Oh so you like race horses right?" le sigh. Suddenly their ignorance almost makes you want to go back to topics like to wear a helmet or to not or issues debating rolkur or maybe even dabble into Chronicle's forums and see how certain people get spurned for bravely rude comments. Although mention an air vest and suddenly the horse part doesn't even matter anymore "whoa! can I see it!". Not only can you see it I'll even let you wear it (would it be too much to snicker evilly at this point). I needed to test that canister anyway. 

After taking a brief interlude to creatively fix the lever in the back of a toilet (my powerhouse fiance went Hulk on the lever) I am glad to go back to the discussion of ham. I have ridden since the age of 7 and don't even think I've scratched the surface of what there is to learn within this industry. Being the ham in the sandwich, I am excited to learn more and grow (less in the girth) while keeping up with current Eventing news. Knowledge is power and one step on the way to taking over the world. One sandwich at a time. 


Reported seen frist by Heather Morris' facebook status...
Here is the US team..... Twizzle, Otis, Whisper, Medicott, Ringwood Magister!!!! Congrats to all.
And then soon after by Eventing Nation our 

for the 

Phillip Dutton & Mystery Whisper

Tiana Coudray & Ringwood Magister

Will Coleman & Twizzel

Karen O'Connor & Mr. Medicott

Boyd Martin & Otis Barbotiere

congrats to Nina Ligon & Butts
for finishing Barbury International 
Jazz King sporting the decorated Flair Strips that Team Thailand is known for.

Now bring home the gold team!
One of the 2012 London Olympic Medals