New Sponsor Announcement!

JHE is very excited to announce our new partnership with Seminole Feed! All the horses in our program are on this grain and the results can't be denied. Happy, healthy, shiny, fit ponys!! Jodi is very grateful for the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for Seminole. 

"I found Seminole Feed when I was looking for a solution to my picky, sensitive 3 star horse's weight issues. Since "In Style" has been on Seminole Wellness Show & Sport, his appetite has increased dramatically. His weight has balanced for the first time at this level and his body/coat look fantastic. I now feed all the horses in my program from beginner novice to advanced Seminole Feeds and they all look and act like healthy, happy horses! I couldn't be happier with Seminole products!" - Jodi Hemry 

Jodi Hemry and In Styles successfully gave an incredible performance for their debut in the CCI3* at Fairhill International! There certainly is no 'i' in team and a massive ‪#‎yehboi‬ to Styles was heard over the finish! What a team! Thank you to everyone who helped both Jodi and Styles accomplish this incredible feat. Together they rocked through cross country to finish an incredible weekend. Hard work will pay off and Jodi and Style's hard work proved it this weekend!
Thank you to both Stephanie Brianne Biddle and Vicky Hemry who were there to support Jodi and Styles throughout the weekend at this massive event. To everyone at home, thank you for your love and continuing support and to all the girls taking care of the farm we could not continue if we did not have you. The new cooler pictured was a gift from the entire support team behind Jodi Hemry Eventing for the 3* event! 
A HUGE thank you to our sponsors to both Bonnie Bragdon with BonVet and Carrie Ann Kelen with Results Equine Therapy for all their support thus far. We could not do it without the support of you! Thank you to Fairhill and all the volunteers for a great event. And of course to coach Bonnie Mosser, you have guided us into this league of an extraordinary experience and could not have done it without you! Jodi and In Styles finished moving up to 33rd out of 52!

Congrats Aly and Charles on a wonderful bond!

We love to hear great things about horses and riders that have been with the Jodi Hemry Eventing program! We just received an update that Charles and his new owner, Alyssa Hartmann, are doing really well together and have made a great connection! Congratulations Aly on all your hard work and we can't wait to see what the future brings for you two! Superb!

Before and After from Millbrook HT

To see the whole course visit here:
Before. Butter anyone?



Jodi Hemry Eventing would like to welcome our newest sponsor, BonVet Animal Health! Through this venture both BonVet and Jodi Hemry Eventing found their similarities in striving to provide the highest caliber healthcare for equines and all other animals. To owner Bonnie Bragdon and all support staff of BonVet Animal Health, welcome to the team! We are so excited to have you with us!

Previous Sales Horse Updates!

"My grandmother, Sharon Presutti, bought Leroy from you back in 2011 for me to ride. We won our training division [at Millbrook] from start to finish on our dressage score of 26. These past few years with Leroy have been great and he's definitely taught me a lot. I'm looking forward to next year when we will hopefully consistently be going prelim!"

Praeline and new owner, Colleen Brady Harvan
showing at HITS

Praeline and new owner, Colleen Brady Harvan
showing at HITS

Recently sold, Pete!
Congrats to his new owner Susan Royal!

Recently sold, Lucy
Congrats to her new owner Rebecca B.!

Recently sold, Pearl of Cedar Rock
Congrats to her new owners the Jensen's! 


"As a working student at Jodi Hemry Eventing, I cannot begin to describe all of the wonderful experiences I have had here. Coming from the Hunter/Jumper world, I knew very little about dressage and cross country but Jodi Hemry quickly changed that with her wonderful lesson program. She is also incredibly attentive to each horse's needs whether it is her own horse or a brand new sales horse. Every horse on her property is kept to a high standard of care and monitored for specific needs. Jodi Hemry is knowledgeable about her profession, kind to her customers and employees, and runs an all around fantastic operation. If you're considering a program for your sales horse, a stable to board , or a place to bring your horse for lessons, Jodi Hemry Eventing is a wonderful choice."
- Wesleigh Gwinn

"Jodi did an awesome job on with matching me with my new riding partner. I find her to be dedicated, trustworthy not to misrepresent a horse, and just a pleasure to deal with. You can't go wrong working with her."
- Susan Royal

"I cannot say enough great things about Jodi, her horses, and her training! I purchased a horse through her about two years ago and the whole process was simple, straightforward and easy. I have since continued to train with her and she is always willing to do whatever it takes to help me get to the next level. If you need a place to board, sell or train your horse, you've found it!"
-Susanna Hearn

Jodi and Styles take on Millbrook Advanced XC!

Jodi and Style tackle the Advanced Water Complex! at 12 minutes and 15 seconds into the video. 

Congrats to a great first show of the fall season in a huge and serious Advanced course!

Jodi and Styles had a great clear run XC at Mill Brook HT this weekend to move up half way in the division!