XC Schooling at FGF

Had a great day of teaching wonderful students! Ashley Greene and Chilli, Lynsey Ekema and Loper all successfully navigated their questions and tasks through brilliant cross country riding today. Thank you to Lara Anderson for a great xc school through Full Gallop Farm! Then had a wonderful time teaching Madison Mercer, who bought Philena from JHE in 2013 - she is truly a great owner. Philena has come along brilliantly with her new mom! Great riding all around today ladies I am so proud of you all!

Ashley Greene and Chili

From May 24th, 2014

I would like to congratulate my student, Lynsey Ekema, on her 1st place at Paradise Farm horse trials!! It was her first novice and she rocked it finishing on a 28.7!! You work very hard and it shows:)) Great job today!

Lynsey and Loper winning first in the Novice Rider division

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